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Readers of All Ages Love Pugville

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An "Animal Farm" for young kids. Instead of freeing themselves from their human masters in the allegory about the Soviet Union, these animals have to free themselves from the selfish and cruel Tuffy, who is the polar opposite from his Pug brother snuffy.

February 16, 2020

A great story for kids for today’s time where animals of all types have to learn to live together after a disaster and to form a society where everyone has to treat each other with respect and to listen to each other’s ideas.

tony kayden

If you love animals and adventure, this is the book for you

September 11, 2019

An amazing story of family relationships. It’s hard to put the book down as so many things are happening and you want to know how it ends. I recommend highly.

William Oberholzer, a big animanl lover

I Highly recommend this book

August 21, 2019

I absolutely love this book I recommended it to my boss for her boys and they loved it I went to Boston and I took it with me for the flight and it was adorable and hilarious thank you for coming out with such a great book!

Bryan Jackson

Love this book!

August 11, 2019

Great book for all ages! Being a huge dog lover this book just made me smile! I highly recommend it!

Anon from Amazon

An excellent book for parents and childrens "storytime"!

August 1, 2019

How wonderful animals can work together led by pugs n a wonderful journey! Looking forward to volume 2

Helen T

A great book for any age!

July 30, 2019

What a great read! Wonderful storyline that kept you intrigued from start to finish. A great lesson of family, the good guys and even the bad guys. I can’t wait for the next installment.


If your dog is a person, this book is for you

July 26, 2019

Humans are gone and animals are left to run the world. If you are a dog lover and a dog owner you can see the personalities of the dogs take charge organizing the animal kingdom. Easy read as you follow the adventures of three pug dogs and their friends.


A rich and enjoyable journey

July 19, 2019

What a poignant delight. Philosophical and hopeful . As I raise my own family , I love being reminded that we make choices which determine what kind of family or community we will be. Big ideas shown to us through the big hearts of the pugs .

M. Silverman

Fun read!

July 12, 2019

Loved the book! If your family loves animals and the adventures they bring to your home you’ll really enjoy reading this story!

Ken I

A dog's purpose

June 13, 2019

This book does a great job of telling the Dog’s story. An autobiography if you will. I encourage all to read it and think about the story they’d create for their dog!

Duchess & Bartholomew

What an adventure

June 13, 2019

I must say, as a grown man of 29 I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this adventure. I related with pugs for God sakes! With the way the climate is today it doesn’t hurt to root for a small family of pugsheroes against the odds! I believe children as well as the parents reading this tale will enjoy it as much as I have!

John Urrea

A Tail For ALL Ages

June 11, 2019

Like all great “children’s books” this one has much more than a story to tell. All the humans are now gone. The animals now wander the land, and have only what the humans left behind to guide them. As they struggle on their journey, there are lessons to be learned, friends (and enemies!) to be made, morals to confront and always, character to be faced. And again like all great children’s’ books it is enthralling, frightening, confusing (as life always is!), and fun! This book is a wonderful romp! Buy it for your kids and grandkids and then sit down with them and read it out loud together. Enjoy the epic journey yourselves. We did!


Wonderful Book

June 5, 2019

Great read for all ages. Mr. Thompson has a wonderful story to tell. Enjoy


A wonderful book for everyone!

June 3, 2019

A very clever book. Wonderful story line, well written, the story makes you want to read further. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

Skip Collinge

Creative and captivating...and learning tool

May 16, 2019

The characters are so creative in their personalities, descriptions and how they grow in the story. We were captivated and found it hard to wait any time between readings. We love the illustrations!!!

And perhaps best for our kids are the lessons about personal character, overcoming struggle, and community.

We’re all ready for the continuation of the series. Hurry please!


Well Received

April 24, 2019

The book is being read by a variety of ages and interest levels, all of whom report satisfaction on myriad levels. The grandparents seem equally delighted with the story as do the children, for many different reasons. Hopefully there’s something in the book for everyone, and for everyone to share. Great thanks to all!

Artemis & Moose

Great book

April 15, 2019

I loved the book. I truly couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter.

The characters in the book arr so cute and you really are drawn into each character as they work to get back home.

With bullying in the schools, I think this is a good book to put the bullies in their place.

Loved the illustrations too!

Sharon R

Hot Diggity DOGS!!!

February 17, 2019

I loved it beginning to end! When can I get me my hands on volume 2?


Response from The Pugville Chronicles

Hi Karen, we’re glad you loved it. Join our email list to be among the first to know when Volume 2 is coming. You’ll also get extra stories that won’t be in the series. 🙂

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