About Pugville

What Are The Chronicles?

The Pugville Chronicles is about family.

It’s a story about how brothers compete, how people unite, and how truth and right always win. It’s about how choices and attitudes tell your past and predict your future. And it’s the only recorded history of how pugs came to run the world.

It’s a story about three pugs forced by calamity to forge a new world of their own making. The people who raised them are gone and the world they loved has blown down and flooded under. They are separated and isolated by endless water, and they make a life out of what, where, and with whom they have survived.

It’s an adventure of learning and growing and surviving and succeeding. It’s a parable of taking opposite meanings from the exact same lessons. It’s an allegory of how best intentions stand scrutiny. Families are built by love and families are built by force. Life philosophies are matched at odds, and hubris sows the seeds of its own demise. Truth begets justice and omnia vincit amor: love conquers all.

Happily finds ever after… for now. Two opposite places of two opposite people are left separated only by distance.  What adventures lie ahead?  Watch this space.

Volume One: Making It Home

The first installment in our series, “Volume One: Making It Home”, is available now for in paperback, hardcover and e-books versions for Kindle and Nook e-readers.  Paperback and hardcover editions will be available soon in bulk order for schools and reading clubs.  Special Limited Edition Signed hardcover books, signed by authors Michael Dean Jacobs and Kevin E. Thompson are coming very soon.


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