Authors of Pugville chronicles

Meet the People Behind the Stories

Kevin E. Thompson

Kevin is a businessman, family man, and pug poppa emeritus from Southern California. Kevin developed the story of Pugville and the adventure of its creation over a lifetime of intense briefings from his loving pugs Rufio, Tinkerbelle, their parents and siblings. We have Kevin to thank for translating this history from the original pug. Kevin and his family make their home in the old neighborhood where our story begins, just down the block from the old jungle.

It is a cherished ambition for Kevin to bring these stories to the printed page, and his expertise as executive, mentor, and producer has given life to The Pugville Chronicles in a series of volumes, the first of which is proudly enclosed herein. Further volumes, including a prequel, are already in production. These chronicles presented as motion pictures cannot be far behind.

Kevin and his family are tireless supporters of children’s causes, and he hopes The Pugville Chronicles will be a source of inspiration, education, and practical application for years to come.

Michael Dean Jacobs

Michael is an actor and comedian from Southern California. He has been seen in movies, TV, nightclubs, and regional theatre since the late 20th century. Michael began his writing career when skits were popular on television, and when television was furniture with antennae.

The Pugville Chronicles is Michael’s first novel, crafted from the many stories related to him by Mr. Thompson. His canine experience is limited to dogs with pronounced noses, still he finds spiritual connection with all pedigrees, talking or otherwise.

We are deeply saddened to write that Michael made his transition from this earthly realm into the spirit world. We are sure that he is visiting Pugville from a whole new perspective…